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Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Process

Jan 01, 2020 · Trichy, Tamilnadu- 620015, India Abstract In this work, an attempt was made to conduct bead on plate welding of NiTinol Shape memory alloy utilizing Yb:YAG laser welding process and identify the optimized parameters using Dengâs Similarity based Hybrid Intelligence Modeling using Genetic Algorithm for To obtain the desired weld bead geometry, HAZ width and make a good weld, it becomes important to set the welding process parameters. Since the experimental optimization of these parameters is time consuming, soft-computing techniques are commonly used for optimization of the welding process parameters (welding voltage, current and torch speed).


the results. The optimization of process parameters can improve quality of the product and minimize the cost of performing lots of experiments and also reduces the wastage of the resources. The optimal combination of the process parameters can be predicted. This work was concerned with the effects of welding process parameters on the yield OPTIMIZATION OF SPOT WELDING PROCESS OPTIMIZATION OF SPOT WELDING PROCESS PARAMETERS FOR MAXIMUM TENSILE STRENGTH Manoj Raut 1* and Vishal Achwal *Corresponding Author:Manoj Raut, [email protected] This experimental study is based on an investigation of the effect and optimization of welding parameters on the tensile shear strength in the Resistance Spot Welding Optimization of flux-cored arc welding process parameters Aug 21, 2015 · The effect of flux-cored arc welding (FCAW) process parameters on the quality of the super duplex stainless steel (SDSS) claddings can be studied using Taguchi L9 design of experiments. In this experimental investigation, deposits were made with 30 % bead overlap. Establishing the optimum combination of process parameters is required to ensure better bead geometry and desired properties.

Review on Various Optimization Techniques used for

select welding parameters leading to an optimal process ( Norasiah muhammad et al, 2011), (Ugur Esme, 2008). Fig.1 Resistance spot welding principle Fig.2 Resistance and temperature distribution curve 2. Spot welding parameters and heat generation The three main parameters in spot welding are current, contact resistance and weld time. Taguchi Optimization of Process Parameters in Friction This study is intended to present a straightforward and computationally efficient methodology for optimizing the process parameters of friction stir welding (FSW) of 6061 aluminum alloy. In particular, it is shown how to minimize the heat affected zone (HAZ) distance to the weld line in the joined parts using a Taguchi optimization method and a temperature-field finite element model. Vasantharaja P - Google Scholar52. 2012. Assessment of residual stresses and distortion in stainless steel weld joints. P Vasantharaja, V Maduarimuthu, M Vasudevan, P Palanichamy. Materials and Manufacturing Processes 27 (12), 1376-1. , 2012. 49. 2012. Optimization of welding process parameters for 9Cr

Optimisation of welding process for modified 9Cr-1Mo steel

Modified 9Cr-1Mo steel is used as the structural material for steam generator components of power plants. Activated tungsten inert gas (A-TIG) welding is increasingly used for fabricating these components. With the aim to achieve maximum depth of penetration (DOP) and minimum heat affected zone (HAZ) width, computational methodologies were adopted for optimisation of A-TIG welding process.