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A Study on Surface Modification of Al7075-T6 Alloy against

G. H. Majzoobi and M. Jaleh, Duplex surface treatments on AL7075-T6 alloy against fretting fatigue behavior by application of titanium coating plus nitriding, Materials Science and Engineering A, vol. 452-453, pp. 673681, 2007. Dr. Mubarak Ali - Adhoc Faculty - National Institute of Friction stir welding of stainless steel Mar 2009 - Jun 2009. Fretting Wear, Plain Fatigue and Fretting Fatigue Behaviour of Plasma Nitrided Ti-6Al-4V Jan 2006 - Dec 2008. Vibration analysis of microsatellite structure Nov 2002 - May 2003. Honors & Awards NTU research Scholarship

Influence of high-power diode laser heat treatment on wear

Feb 26, 2019 · The effect of hardness on wear loss and wear behavior during fretting was studied. A high-power diode laser was used to achieve the surface hardening of a mold steel (AISI P20-improved) at temperatures of 1000 and 1200 °C. A hardness increment was detected in laser heat-treated specimens, which may be attributed to phase transformation from ferrite to martensite, influencing Metals and Materials International Volume 25, issue 1Jul 07, 2018 · Influence of Initial Pearlite Morphology on the Microstructure Evolution During Heat Treatment of 1.0C1.5Cr Steel. Authors (first, second and last of 4) Zhen-Xing Li. Chang-Sheng Li. Dong-Woo Suh. Content type:OriginalPaper. Published:02 August 2018. REDUCTION OF COLD WELDING BY GEOMETRIC these both solutions under fretting contact using a steel-steel-contact which is known to cold weld. Different contact situations (geometry/contact pressure) were compared under realistic contact situations. Finally, a short introduction to the new Cold-Weld-data base will be given:it offers a collection of all cold welding

Surface Engineering of Stainless Steels:Role of Surface

Surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) technique has became popular to develop a nanostructured surface layer on metallic materials for upgrading their overall properties and performance. In this paper, we have presented the SMATing behavior of low stacking fault energy material like AISI 304 using optical microscopy, SEM, microhardness measurement and XRD analysis. Very high cycle bending fatigue behaviors of FV520B steel Very high cycle bending fatigue behaviors of FV520B steel under fretting wear were studied by the ultrasonic fatigue technique. The specimen system for ultrasonic bending testing was designed and the stress distribution of fatigue specimen was obtained by finite element method. The microstructure of FV520B steel was characterized by means of optical microscope, transmission electron microscope corrosion potential polarization:Topics by Science.govJun 01, 2018 · The corrosion behavior of Fe-Mn-Al weld metals. NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Aidun, Daryush K. 2001-02-01. The corrosion resistance of a newly developed iron-base, Fe-Mn-Al austenitic, and duplex weld metal has been examined in the NACE solution consisting of 5 wt.% NaCl, 0.5 wt.% acetic acid, and the balance distilled water.

Influence of plasma nitriding on plain fatigue and

Mar 05, 2007 · Whilst much is known about the nitriding of austenitic stainless steel surfaces, little has been published on either the plain fatigue or fretting fatigue behaviour of these alloys. The present study deals with the influence of plasma nitriding (done at 420 °C) on plain fatigue and fretting fatigue behaviour of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel.