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Translate this pageMar 14, 2018 · 1. : . 2. . . - yjstecoCarbon Steel is a malleable, iron-based metal containing carbon, small amounts of manganese, and other elements to make the material useful for many different applications. Carbon steels are the base metals widely used in manufacturing today around the world in nearly every industry, including aerospace, aircraft, automotive, chemical, and


Translate this pageMay 12, 2004 · . 2010. 4. 5. 12:26. . . SS440 ( Si,Mn,P,S Fe)) KS : Translate this pageNov 23, 2005 · . (). (). c. mn. si. cr. mo. . sm10c. sm12c. sm15c. sm17c. sm20c. sm22c. sm25c. sm28c. sm30c. sm33c. sm35c. sm38c. sm40c -Product - hanilsteelTranslate this pageks d 3504 jis g 3112 din 488 bs 4449 saudi arabian standard:bar no. 3 ~ no.18 (grade 40) (grade 60) astm a 615::19 ~ 300:sr24 sm55c sr30 sm58c ss400 sm43c ss490 sm48c ss490 sm53c ss540 a105 sm10c scm415 sm15c scm420 sm20c scm435 sm25c scm440 sm30c scm445 sm35c 10b35m sm38c 30m84 sm40c scr440b sm45c sbc70 sm50c sbc50

Translate this page:KS/JIS:(Wt, %) () C:Si:Mn:P:S:Cu:Ni:Cr:Mo () :Cr :SCr415:0.13:0.15:0.6:0.030:0.030:0.30 = - steelsalesmanTranslate this pagejis. jis h3510, jis g3101, jis g3103, jis g3112, jis g3116, jis g3118, jis g3119, jis g3120, jis g3124, jis g3125, KS D3752 - Steel Tubesm10c:sm20c:sm30:sm40c:sm50c:sm9ck :sm12c:sm22c:sm33c:sm43c:sm53c:sm15ck :sm15c:sm25c:sm35c:sm45c:sm55c:sm20ck :sm17c:sm28c:sm38c:sm48c:sm58c

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SM35C SM40C SM43C SM45C SM48C SM50C SM53C SM55C SM58C C10 C15E4 C15M2-C25 C25E4 C25M2 C30 C30E4 C30M2 C35 C35E4 C35M2 C40 C40E4 C40M2-C45 C45E4 C45M2-C50 C50E4 C50M2-C55 C55E4 C55M2 C60 C60E4 C60M2 S10C S15C S20C KS ISO ISO SAE. Obecné informace I. Obecné informace I-1----- ISO) SPECIAL - Translate this pageSpecial, Carbon Steel, Carbon Alloy Steel, Round-Bar, Flat, Square, ASTM, DIN-EN, JIS, AMS, AISI, KS, AISI 1045, C45, 42CrMo45, Hy-tuf, SUM, SUP, SNB,SNC815 STEEL STRUCTURE CARBON STEEL ChungWooDetail :Cold drawn steel bar from Cold Drawn Wire Rod after significantly cutting into certain length and straightness. And products that require precision processability and elegant surface. Application :In the automotive and machine parts. Product characteristics and uses. Product :CD Bar is the product withdrawal after the cold Wire Rod


Division:KS:JIS:AISI/SAE:DIN:Carbon Steel:SM10C:S10C:1010:CK10 / C10:SM12C:S12C:1012 SM15C:S15C:1015:CK15 / C5:SM17C:S17C:1017 SM20C top 8 most popular std6 nf 6 brands and get free shipping  · Translate this pageSearch this site. Home > . top 8 most popular std6 nf 6 brands and get free shippingTECHNICAL INFORMATION - Sunsteelsm35c sm40c sm43c sm45c sm48c sm50c sm53c sm55c sm58c c10 c15e4 c15m2-c25 c25e4 c25m2 c30 c30e4 c30m2 c35 c35e4 c35m2 c40 c40e4 c40m2-c45 c45e4 c45m2-c50 c50e4 c50m2-c55 c55e4 c55m2 c60 c60e4 c60m2 s10c s15c s20c ks iso iso japan jis u.s.a great britain bs bs/en germany din din/en france nf nf/en russia aisi goct sae 100,150, 200, 250, 300