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(PDF) Effect of microstructure and crystallographic

Again, this result indicates that the anisotropic behavior of fracture toughness in the API 5 L X46 steel is related to the anisotropic characteristics of plastic deformation. Figure 15 shows the central section of the fracture surfaces of the Charpy specimens, as seen at Effect of Thermomechanical Processing Parameters Upon Dec 04, 2008 · This study has been conducted to analyze the effect of texture and microstructure on the anisotropy of yield strength and Charpy fracture toughness of an X80 line pipe steel. The texture and microstructure were investigated by X-ray diffractometer and electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD).

Effect of microstructure and crystallographic texture on

Feb 01, 2018 · The combined effect of the morphology of microstructure and crystallographic texture on the mechanical behavior, like tensile, toughness anisotropy and fracture, of thermo-mechanically rolled HSLA steels is complex in nature and specific to the steel composition and derived microstructure from the thermo-mechanical controlled rolling process Effect of prestrain on ductility and toughness in a high Mar 18, 2020 · Fracture properties of a mother plate for API grade X100 line pipe after pre-straining up to 6% are investigated using tensile notched bars and CT pre-cracked specimens. The material has an anisotropic plastic and damage behavior due to the thermo-mechanical control rolling process. Experiments evidence a decrease in both ductility and toughness for both rolling and long transverse Fracture toughness of pipe line steels - UBC Library Open The anisotropy in fracture toughness and the tensile properties of the two x-70 steels were measured and explained in terms of sulphur content and rare earth additions. An attempt was made to correlate the linear elastic fracture toughness K[sub Ic] or K[sub Q] values with the elastic-plastic fracture toughness, J[sub Ic],and COD data for both

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Abstract The anisotropic behavior of Charpy toughness has been investigated in API X100 pipeline steel, and the combination of crystallographic textures and delamination is considered to be the reason for the observed anisotropy in Charpy toughness. The crystallographic textures can contribute to anisotropy by increasing the probability of {001} cleavage planes parallel to the fracture Mechanical Anisotropy in Steels for Pipelines Semantic There has been a huge expansion in the laying of pipelines for the transmission of fossil fuels over large distances and in dire environments. One particular problem associated with the steels used to fabricate the pipes is that of the anisotropy of mechanica lp roperties, especially the toughness. This review represents an attempt to critically assess the steels and the orientation dependence Mechanical Anisotropy of Hot Rolled Line Pipe Steel Coil Jul 25, 2013 · The mechanical anisotropy of hot rolled coils for linepipe grades in the range between X52 and X80 have been investigated in terms of tensile strength and Charpy impact toughness. Samples were taken in different orientations with respect to

Novel Specimen Design for Measurement of In-Plane

Dec 19, 2019 · In view assessing the anisotropy of the fracture toughness (K Q and crack tip opening displacement (CTOD)) of pipeline steels susceptible to hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC), the W-SEB specimen was tested on X65 and X42 pipeline steel samples taken from the field. Experimental results show an increase in the maximum CTOD along the in-plane Role of crystallographic texture, delamination and Dec 21, 2017 · Fracture toughness studies of line-pipe steels are extremely crucial as line-pipes are exposed to extreme conditions in application. The effects of crystallographic texture and constraint on fracture toughness of API X70 line pipe steel were investigated in this study.