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2 A BRAND OF ITW ORBITAL CUTTING & WELDING ORBITALUM TOOLS GMBH osef-Schuettler-Str. 17 78224 Singen Germany Tel. 49 (0) 77 31 792 - 0 Fax 49 (0) 77 31 792 - 524 [email protected] orbitalum Orbital welding systems and accessories for high-purity process piping TX 38P Tube-to-tube-sheet orbital weld head The new ORBITALUM orbital TIG weld head for producing tube-to-tube-sheet ORBITAL WELDING - GroupP16 AVC Tube-to-tube-sheet orbital weld head Tube-to-tube-sheet orbital weld head with electronic arc voltage control (AVC). Benefits: Simple handling with maximum functionality. Water coolant that extends into the WIG burner head. Fitted with a cold wire feed mounted directly on the welding head including a

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Orbimatic Orbital Welding Equipment, is regarded as the most advanced orbital welding systems in the World and we are the sole importers for the UK. We supply, for sale of hire, the full range of the latest computer controlled power sources, open weldheads, enclosed weldheads, tube to tube sheet weldheads and all the accessories required. P-series:P16, P16 AVC, P20 ACTUMThe P-series of TIG weld enables tube-to-tube-sheet welding with consistent quality and extreme precision. These orbital weld heads can produce several thousand weld seams while never compromising on quality. Its liquid cooling is fed right to the TIG burner head, which enables more accurate and intricate welding. This range consists of the P16, P16 AVC and P20 to accommodate P16, P16 AVC - Orbitalum Tools - PDF Catalogs Technical Orbital welding systems and accessories for high-purity process piping P16, P16 AVC Tube-to-tube-sheet orbital weld heads O u r P s e r i e s is ch a ra c te r ize d by sp e cia l d e si g n fe atu re s i nte n d e d to e n su re e a s y h a n d l i n g co m b i n e d with a h i

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Description P16 TIG tube welding heads With extreme precision, these tube-to-tube-sheet orbital weld heads will produce several thousand weld seams at constant quality. The Company History - Orbital Technik Orbital Welding

  • 20052006200820092010201420182019Premiere Suppliers Of Industrial Safety Equipments And Open Orbital Weld Heads Tube To Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Heads :Expander and accessories:Condenser Tube Expanders Boiler Tube Expanders ORBIWELD TP ORBmax P16, P16 AVC, P20 Digital Oxygen Monitor OX 100X Monitor TX 38P:Kjelberg Plasma Cutting Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head TX38P, Suppliers Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head TX38P . The new orbital TIG weld head from Orbitalum for manufacturing pipe-to-pipe-sheet connections guarantees extremely short production times of industrial heat exchanges at constantly high reproducible qual i ty. Also excel lently suitable for repair, maintenance and servicing work.

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    P16 AVC tube-to-tube-sheet orbital weld head with cold wire 12 - 100* 0.470 - 3.937 831 000 002 18,300 27,300 *Please note that the centering tools, the retaining arbors and the earth cable must be ordered separately (see pages 59 and 61). Tube-to-Tube-Sheet Orbital Weld Heads Tube-to-tube-sheet weld head P16 AVC Tube-to-tube-sheet orbital weld headsADDITIONAL FEATURES P16 AVC: Equipped with an electric arc voltage control (AVC) only applicable in combination with the orbital welding power supply ORBIMAT 300 CA AVC/OSC Cold wire unit included Tube-to-tube-sheet orbital weld heads Easy handling and a maximum of yt oni unci l af t Tube-to-tube-welding on large-scale heat WELDING SYSTEMS FOR HIGH PURITY PROCESS PIPINGTube-to-tubesheet orbital weld heads P16 / P16 AVC 45 Tube-to-tubesheet orbital weld head P20 46 Accessories for tube-to-tubesheet orbital weld heads 47 Accessories for Orbital Welding 51 Tungsten Grinder ESG Plus 52 Other accessories for orbital welding 54 Rental and Training 56.

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    tube-to-tube-sheet orbital weld heads. tx 38p. p16, p16 avc, p20. welding turntables. dvr. tungsten grinder. esg plus, esg plus² Tube-to-tube-sheet orbital weld headsP16, P16 AVC, P20 With this TIG weld heads, it is no longer a problem to weld tubes to tubesheets with the highest of accuracy and consistent quality Its liquid cooling is fed right to the TIG burner head, which ensures more precise working and consistent quality of the welding process, as well as extending the power-on time.