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Jul 05, 2013 · How to make a baking steel. I bought a 14x16x3/8 steel plate from Eddie at Exor Ironworks. Eddie ground the edges so that theyd be smooth. He sold me the steel plate for $45. If you dont live in Seattle, find a local blacksmith and ask for an A36 Steel Plate. A36 is the alloy. Knife from mild steel BladeForumsSep 10, 2015 · 1,859. Sep 9, 2015. #2. Mild steel is softer and will grind different and when you get it right you will have a nice looking knife that is useless. If the steel is free you can try it out. If you're buying it then 1084 is close to the same price you will pay for mild steel at the big box stores.

How to add carbon to steel. - Metallurgy - I Forge Iron

Oct 09, 2006 · You can also use "natural steels" naturally high carbon blooms from your bloomery. And for an off the wall method the UN book on blacksmithing tells hoy you can use cast iron as a hardfacing compound for mild steel, heating both pieces and "crayonning the cast iron onto the steel".